Yorkshire Paintball Centre

Yorkshire Paintball Centre

Yorkshire Paintball CentreYorkshire Paintball Centre, Escrick Park Estate, Skipwith, Selby, YO8 5SW – 01757 289322


Yorkshire Paintball Centre was set up almost 25 years ago and has been running superb paintball events since 1988 and is one of the UK’s oldest paintball centres. It’s also home of the worlds biggest paintball bridge.

Brand NEW Paintball 2.0
After 25 years, a new type of paintball has become available that beats traditional paintball hands down. Paintball 2.0 is a more up to date version of paintball than the more traditional paintball that you will have played before and infact we ran for 24 years. The pellets travel faster. They are more accurate, better quality (So you get less bounces and more eliminations) and above all, they don’t leave the marks or bruises that traditional paintballs leave behind. This makes new paintball at the Yorkshire Paintball Centre very family friendly. Yorkshire Paintball Centre are one of only a hand full of centres in the UK offering this new “High Velocity” “Lower Impact” version of paintball to our adult players. We are also the ONLY paintball centre in Yorkshire to offer it. One interesting observation is the number of female players who are now playing, knowing they arn’t going to get hurt.

Yorkshire Paintball Centre established 1988
We have been offering top quality paintball games to the Yorkshire area since 1988, and we are still here, so we think we’ve got it right. The phrase often copied never bettered is something can most definitely be associated with the Yorkshire Paintball Centre. We were the first paintball centre to put “The Predator” into a paintball game, our day format has been copied by a number of local centres as have our structures. One structure that absolutely cannot be copied is the Worlds biggest paintball bridge.

United Kingdom Paintball Sports Federation
We are accredited members of the UKPSF (United Kingdom Paintball Sports Federation), paintballs governing body. This accreditation assures you of the highest standards at all times. The UKPSF is there to make sure that all UK paintball sites meet a minimum standard. This is a condition of membership. We have the UKPSF “Accredited” status, which means that we go above and beyond the criteria for standard membership. In fact, we actually go above and beyond the criteria for Accredited membership.

Yorkshire Paintball Centre game Maps
We call them games. Now everyone calls them maps. Our Yorkshire paintball Centre maps are some of the best in the UK, just have a look at the pictures below. That bridge is the biggest in the world and you will be playing on it for at least two games. We play games in our huge bunker system, how about storming the embassay, disable the radar, or wiping out the opposition in Beirut. For the tournament players, we have an astro turf tournament pitch with 12 team bays.  If you ever want to come and visit, just for a look around, just give us a call and we will make all of the arrangements. New for 2013, play our two new games, Delta Force and Go Balistic.

Paintball Stag and Hen Parties in York
We are delighted to have teamed up with Tokyo Nightclub in York to offer Stag and Hen parties something really special. Free entry to Tokyo nightclub, plus a private booth and a FREE bottle of Champagne!! Please ask about this option when booking.

If you would like to have a day at without doubt the best paintballing venue around, just give us a call, or book online.  We’ll give you the best day out possible. We are open all year round and hold special events at school half terms and other school holidays.

Yorkshire Paintball Centre, Escrick Park Estate, Skipwith, Selby, YO8 5SW – www.ypc.co.uk
Tel : 01757 289322