Your Paintball Day

your-paintball-dayYour Paintball Day

So what can you expect from a day out paintballing. Well, that is easy. A fantastic adrenalin filled combat sport, fresh air and a massive sense of achievement.

All too often these days, we lead a static lifestyle, where the most exercise we get is walking too and from the car. Years ago, kids used to ride bikes and walk to school, now they get a lift in the family car from their computer to school, then back to their computer.

Your paintball day starts with a safety briefing which gives you the rules for the game. Then it’s off to the gun rooms to get hold of the all important paintball gun.

Typically you will play eight to ten games in a paintball day, each one will be structured and you may have to attack a village or fort, cross a paintball bridge or simply shoot out all of the opposing paintballers.

Whatever games you play, your paintball day is something that you will remember for years to come. Your friends will be talking about your paintball day for months and months. It is very common to organise your own paintball day, then be invited to someone else’s event who you invited in the first place.

Your paintball day is suitable for players from 12 years old and upwards. We have known people play paintball who are well into their seventies. Around 38% of all players are women which is higher than you would think and in fact, the number of female paintballers is growing every year. There are now even all girl paintball teams.

If you have players younger than 12 years old, then all is not lost, there are a number of paintball sites across the UK who now cater for players as young as 8 with the introduction of the new “Splatmaster” guns which shoot smaller, more brittle paintballs at a lower speed.